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Featured Projects

Calstate Construction has completed many successful projects that have ranged from the smallest Private Project to a new Multi-Purpose Building at Cupertino Middle School. We also became very interested in Green Building after completing the first City of San Jose Owned LEED Certified Building back in 2007.  This has been a continuing theme for CSCI, as we later participated in the San Jose Environmental Innovation Center Project, which was LEED Certified Platinum.


Starbird Youth Center

Owner: City of San Jose
Architect: Artik A3
Location: San Jose, CA
Completion: Fall 2007
Key Features: LEED Silver Certified, Radiant Floor, Soy Concrete Stain, Paperstone Countertops, Low Water Landscape.

Starbird Youth Center was the first CSJ Owned LEED Certified Green Building.  The Project was completed in late 2007, and piqued our interest in Green Building. It features many technologies designed to conserve energy and natural resources. This Project was coordinated/managed/funded by the Redevelopment Agency of the City of San Jose.


Cupertino MS Multi-Use

Owner: Cupertino Unified SD
Architect: IBI Group
Location: Cupertino, California
Completion: 2015
Key Features: New Gymnasium, Community Workout Area, Sitework, Structural Steel, Bioretention Area, New Outdoor Sports Equipment.

The new Multi-Use Building at Cupertino Middle School was an $8 Million new Gymnasium, Community Workout Area, Locker Rooms, and Rock Climbing Wall. This building was primarily Structural Steel Construction with unique finishing features like brick veneer and finish plywood interior.


Broadway High School

Owner: San Jose Unified SD
Architect: Artik A3
Location: San Jose, California
Completion: 2011
Key Features: Multi Use Building, Sitework, Steel Framing, Retroplate Concrete Floor, Commercial Kitchen, Exterior Tile Finishes

The new Multi Use Building at Broadway High School is an interesting hybrid Project. It incorporated a lot of the sustainable technologies we worked with on the Starbird Project, and not coincidentally, it was designed by the same Architect. We have completed many projects with Artik (formerly Bill Gould Design), and we embrace the unique design style that is their trademark.

About Calstate

Calstate Construction, Inc. was founded in the early 2000’s with a few principles that we live by to this day. We strive daily to achieve and build upon these principles.

Forming Relationships

This was and will always be at the top of our list of principles. We believe it is imperative for any business, in any industry, to base their business plan around forming and maintaining relationships. In our case, this includes our treasured relationships with Project Owners, Subcontractors, Suppliers, and End Users. We believe it is impossible to continue in the Industry without these people.


Time is of the essence. We have learned through many years of completing Summer School Projects that regardless of any other issue, projects must be completed on time. We take pride in the fact that we have never been involved in a School project where the students were unable to return on the designated day.

Fiscal Responsibility

This principle is a wide net. First and foremost, it includes ensuring the Owner/End User is getting what they have paid for. Further, it includes ensuring that our Subcontractors and Suppliers are receiving the compensation for their work. It includes doing our best to ensure that every project is completed within budget.


Whether it is work that is completed by Calstate in-house, or it is Subcontractor completed work, we are committed to Quality Control and always will. We believe Quality Control is a necessary daily task to complete our work and fulfill or exceed our obligations.

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